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SOLD – Cassie – Female Black & White Broken Coat Jack Russell Terrier Puppy For Sale In Texas

SOLD – Cassie – Female Black & White Broken Coat Jack Russell Terrier Puppy For Sale in Texas

Meet Cassie, a charismatic, comical, and charmingly cute canine character hailing from the heart of Texas. Cassie is a black and white, broken coat Jack Russell Terrier puppy, born on October 1, 2023, and she’s ready to adopt by November 27, 2023. She’s the sprightly offspring of Duke’s Legacy Victor and Duke’s Legacy Lisa, and let me tell you, she’s inherited some seriously spunky spirit from her parents!

Cassie dreams big. She’s got aspirations higher than a Texas tumbleweed in a tornado. She envisions herself as the next canine superstar, following in the pawsteps of her famous breed-mate, Wishbone. She’ll be the star of the dog park, with her quick agility and tireless energy, her actions inspired by the daring Duke’s Legacy line.

She dreams of wide open fields where she can dig to her heart’s content, unearthing treasures like old tennis balls, squeaky toys and maybe even a cowboy boot or two. She’s hoping for a family that will love her as much as she loves them; a family that will toss frisbees, share belly rubs, and provide an endless supply of treats.

But don’t be fooled by her adventurous dreams, she also has a tender side. She longs for those quiet Texas nights, cuddled up with her human, basking in the warmth of the setting sun. She dreams of being your loyal companion, your confidante, your best friend.

Cassie’s got a heart as big as the Lone Star state and she’s ready to share it with you. She’s patiently waiting for that perfect family, ready to embrace her boundless energy and unwavering loyalty.

So, if you’re a fan of laughter, love, and a little bit of lunacy, then Cassie might just be your match made in heaven. Just give Debbie a call or text on (214) 679-5474 to set up a time to come meet her. Don’t miss the chance to make Cassie’s dreams come true – and to let her bring a little bit of that Texas sunshine into your life.

DOB: 10/01/2023
Ready to Adopt by: 11/27/2023
Sex: Female
Color: Black & White
Coat Type: Broken

Sire: Duke’s Legacy Victor
Dam: Duke’s Legacy Lisa

State of Texas Registered Breeder License #275

State of Texas Registered Breeder License #275

To reserve this puppy, please call Debbie Schoenig – (214) 679-5474 – [email protected]

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