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Meet or available Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale. These adorable pups are renowned for their lively and friendly nature, making them the perfect addition to any family or household.

Each of our Jack Russell puppies has been lovingly nurtured, ensuring they are happy, healthy, and ready to start their new life with you. With their compact size, sparkling eyes, and endearing personalities, these pups are sure to steal your heart.

Whether you’re looking for a loyal companion, a playmate for your children, or a spirited friend for your outdoor adventures, our Jack Russell Terrier puppies are the ideal choice. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring one of these delightful pups into your life. Find your perfect JRT puppy below, then contact us to reserve your new best friend!


Meet Jodie – Female Black & White Broken Coat Female Jack Russell Terrier Puppy For Sale in Texas

Introducing Jodie, the jovial Jack Russell Terrier puppy from the heartland of Texas! Born on October 1, 2023, this spunky little lady is ready to leap into your life and heart on November 27, 2023. With her striking black and white broken coat, she’s a true standout, a miniature masterpiece of monochrome magic.

Jodie, the daughter of Duke’s Legacy Victor and Duke’s Legacy Lisa, is no ordinary puppy. She’s a pint-sized powerhouse with a personality as big as the Lone Star State. This bouncy bundle of joy has a dream – to become the most beloved canine in the Texan community, to be the wagging tail that brightens up every room, the four-legged friend who makes every day better than the last.

Jodie is a Jack Russell with a job – to spread joy wherever she goes. She aspires to be the best squirrel chaser in the state, to dig the deepest holes in the soft Texan soil, and to fetch the frisbee faster than any other dog at the park. She has high expectations for her future – she wants to become the queen of dog agility courses, to earn her place in the Doggy Hall of Fame, and to have her portrait painted on the side of a barn.

With her playful spirit and boundless energy, Jodie dreams of a life filled with adventure. She imagines days spent exploring the vast Texas landscapes, nights snuggled up by a roaring fire, and endless games of tug-of-war. This petite pup is destined to become a cherished member of a loving family, a companion who will bring laughter, love, and a touch of mischief into your home.

Can’t you just picture this furball of fun racing around your backyard, her black and white coat a blur against the green grass? Imagine the giggles as she attempts to outfox the squirrels, the smiles as she prances back with the morning newspaper, the warm feeling as she curls up on your lap at the end of a long day.

So, are you ready to make Jodie’s dreams come true? Call Debbie at (214) 679-5474. Don’t miss out on the chance to welcome this Texas treasure into your life!

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DOB: 10/01/2023
Ready to Adopt by: 11/27/2023
Sex: Female
Color: Black & White
Coat Type: Broken

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Cassie – Female Black & White Broken Coat Jack Russell Terrier Puppy For Sale in Texas

Meet Cassie, a charismatic, comical, and charmingly cute canine character hailing from the heart of Texas. Cassie is a black and white, broken coat Jack Russell Terrier puppy, born on October 1, 2023, and she’s ready to adopt by November 27, 2023. She’s the sprightly offspring of Duke’s Legacy Victor and Duke’s Legacy Lisa, and let me tell you, she’s inherited some seriously spunky spirit from her parents!

Cassie dreams big. She’s got aspirations higher than a Texas tumbleweed in a tornado. She envisions herself as the next canine superstar, following in the pawsteps of her famous breed-mate, Wishbone. She’ll be the star of the dog park, with her quick agility and tireless energy, her actions inspired by the daring Duke’s Legacy line.

She dreams of wide open fields where she can dig to her heart’s content, unearthing treasures like old tennis balls, squeaky toys and maybe even a cowboy boot or two. She’s hoping for a family that will love her as much as she loves them; a family that will toss frisbees, share belly rubs, and provide an endless supply of treats.

But don’t be fooled by her adventurous dreams, she also has a tender side. She longs for those quiet Texas nights, cuddled up with her human, basking in the warmth of the setting sun. She dreams of being your loyal companion, your confidante, your best friend.

Cassie’s got a heart as big as the Lone Star state and she’s ready to share it with you. She’s patiently waiting for that perfect family, ready to embrace her boundless energy and unwavering loyalty.

So, if you’re a fan of laughter, love, and a little bit of lunacy, then Cassie might just be your match made in heaven. Just give Debbie a call or text on (214) 679-5474 to set up a time to come meet her. Don’t miss the chance to make Cassie’s dreams come true – and to let her bring a little bit of that Texas sunshine into your life.

DOB: 10/01/2023
Ready to Adopt by: 11/27/2023
Sex: Female
Color: Black & White
Coat Type: Broken

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Meet Rocket – Tricolor Smooth Coat Male Jack Russell Terrier Puppy For Sale in Honey Grove Texas

Meet Rocket, a charismatic Tricolor Smooth Coat Male Jack Russell Terrier puppy for sale in Texas, near Dallas Fort Worth and other locations on a 300 acre in Honey Grove. , is eagerly seeking his forever home in the charming town of Honey Grove, Texas. With his irresistible charm and spirited nature, Rocket is more than just a typical puppy – he’s a bundle of joy waiting to bring endless laughter and love to your household.

This one-of-a-kind JRT pup with his sleek coat and Llama-shaped spot on his side is waiting to meet you, (but he won’t be waiting long). So, why wait? Take this chance to add a touch of rocket-fueled excitement to your life by welcoming Rocket into your loving home.

Don’t delay – embark on an unforgettable journey with Rocket today by filling out an puppy purchase application here!

Name: Rocket (Owner may rename if desired)
Ready to Adopt by: 10/27/2023
Sex: Male
Color: Tricolor
Coat Type: Smooth coat

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Cachorro De Jack Russell Terrier Tricolor De Pelo Suave En Venta Cerca De San Antonio, Austin, Houston Texas - Conoce A Petey

Petey – Tricolor Smooth Coat Male Jack Russell Terrier Puppy For Sale in Honey Grove Texas

Meet Petey, our Smooth coat, tri-color Jack Russell Terrier puppy, who was born on the 31st of August, 2023. He’s a smooth-coated, southern sensation, and the dapper son of Duke’s Legacy Logan and Duke’s Legacy Ruth. He’s as Texan as cowboy boots and chili cook-offs, with a zest for life as big as the Lone Star State itself. His dreams are as tri-color as his coat – a healthy mix of mischief, merriment, and mounds of chew toys.

In his puppy dreams, Petey envisions himself as the fastest squirrel chaser in all of Texas, with a coat that shines brighter than a Dallas cheerleader’s smile. He aspires to master the art of fetching, and unlike most politicians, he promises to always bring the ball back. He’s got a nose as keen as a truffle pig, and dreams of snuffling out every last treat hidden in the house.

Petey’s expectations in life are simple: a loving family, an endless supply of tummy tickles, and a place on your couch to watch the Dallas Cowboys. His ideal family picnic? Digging up the backyard barbecue, and indulging in a good, old-fashioned Texas-style steak.

Our Petey is as playful as a prairie dog, with a spirit as free as the wild west. He’s got the loyalty of a ranger, the courage of an Alamo defender, and the charm of a southern gentleman. And just like any good Texan, he’s got a heart as big as his dreams.

So saddle up and get ready to welcome this little wrangler into your family. He’s raring to go and ready to be adopted by October 27th, 2023. You can apply through our Puppy Application form listed below. Don’t miss your chance to add this little tri-color tornado to your family!

P.S. Petey says, “Y’all better hurry! I’m as popular as a pancake house on a Sunday morning.”

Name: Petey

DOB: 08/31/2023
Ready to Adopt by: 10/27/2023
Sex: Male
Color: Tri-color
Coat Type: Smooth

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