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UPDATED – Petey – Tricolor Smooth Coat Male Jack Russell Terrier Puppy For Sale In Honey Grove Texas

UPDATED – Petey – Tricolor Smooth Coat Male Jack Russell Terrier Puppy For Sale in Honey Grove Texas

Meet Petey, our Smooth coat, tri-color Jack Russell Terrier puppy, who was born on the 31st of August, 2023. He’s a smooth-coated, southern sensation, and the dapper son of Duke’s Legacy Logan and Duke’s Legacy Ruth. He’s as Texan as cowboy boots and chili cook-offs, with a zest for life as big as the Lone Star State itself. His dreams are as tri-color as his coat – a healthy mix of mischief, merriment, and mounds of chew toys.

In his puppy dreams, Petey envisions himself as the fastest squirrel chaser in all of Texas, with a coat that shines brighter than a Dallas cheerleader’s smile. He aspires to master the art of fetching, and unlike most politicians, he promises to always bring the ball back. He’s got a nose as keen as a truffle pig, and dreams of snuffling out every last treat hidden in the house.

Petey’s expectations in life are simple: a loving family, an endless supply of tummy tickles, and a place on your couch to watch the Dallas Cowboys. His ideal family picnic? Digging up the backyard barbecue, and indulging in a good, old-fashioned Texas-style steak.

Our Petey is as playful as a prairie dog, with a spirit as free as the wild west. He’s got the loyalty of a ranger, the courage of an Alamo defender, and the charm of a southern gentleman. And just like any good Texan, he’s got a heart as big as his dreams.

So saddle up and get ready to welcome this little wrangler into your family. He’s raring to go and ready to be adopted by October 27th, 2023. You can apply through our Puppy Application form listed below. Don’t miss your chance to add this little tri-color tornado to your family!

P.S. Petey says, “Y’all better hurry! I’m as popular as a pancake house on a Sunday morning.”

Name: Petey

DOB: 08/31/2023
Ready to Adopt by: 10/27/2023
Sex: Male
Color: Tri-color
Coat Type: Smooth

Sire: Duke’s Legacy Logan
Dam: Duke’s Legacy Ruth

State of Texas Registered Breeder License #275

State of Texas Registered Breeder License #275

To reserve this puppy, please call Debbie Schoenig – (214) 679-5474 – [email protected]

Thanks for your interest in this adorable Smooth coat Tricolor JRT puppy for sale near Dallas Fort Worth.

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