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Photo Of Bailey - Jack Russell Terrier Puppy Living In Dayton, Texas

Bailey – Duke’s Legacy Jack Russell Terrier Living in Dayton Texas

Meet Bailey, a lovable and lively pet dog born on October 14, 2018. She was adopted by a wonderful family in Dayton, Texas, United States, where she now resides happily. According to her owners, Bailey is not just any typical dog; she is the smartest and best dog they have ever had in their family.

Bailey is often seen as her owner’s partner in crime and co-pilot, accompanying him on rides in the truck, tractor, and even the lawn mower. Fondly referred to as their “ATD” or All Terrain Dog, Bailey is known for her playful dynamics with their cats. Watching them all get the “zoomies” is an entertaining sight that the family enjoys immensely.

Meet Bailey!
Date of Birth: 10/14/2018

Bailey was adopted by the   family, and now lives a happy life in Dayton, Texas, United States.

Here’s what Bailey’s Owner’s had to say:

Bailey is the best, smartest dog we have ever had in the family. She is my husband’s partner in crime and co-pilot. She rides in the truck, tractor and lawn mower. I call her our ATD, all terrian dog. She plays with our cats and it’s crazy to watch them all get the zoomies.


Bailey’s Photo Gallery


Cute Bailey snuggling a cat. Bailey is a Jack Russell Terrier living in Dayton, Texas

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