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Rusty – Duke’s Legacy Jack Russell Terrier Living In Golden CO United States

Rusty – Duke’s Legacy Jack Russell Terrier Living in Golden CO United States

Meet Rusty!
Parents: Lotti and Victor
Date of Birth: 05/28/2022

Rusty was adopted by the Meacham family, and now lives a happy life in Golden, CO, United States.

Here’s what Rusty’s Owner’s had to say:

Rusty was the runt of his litter so was already known as “Little Stinker” when we adopted him 4 months later! He has grown into the perfect size and perfect JRT i.e. inquisitive, playful, fast learner, and often too smart for his own good!! He loves his home in Golden Colorado and loves everyone who meets him. He likes to travel, camp, and just hang out. He is a star in the neighborhood… everyone says he is so cute!

Rusty’s Photo Gallery

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